Promote the development of cultural and creative industries in the printing industry

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“Twelfth Five-yearly; During the development of color printing industry in Beijing, China faces complex situations, challenges and opportunities coexist. Take an important responsibility in promoting the development of the cultural industry
In order to implement the major measures of the "Cultural Industry Revitalization Plan", the "Green Printing and Digital Printing Project" formulated by the State Press and Publication Administration has been included in the national "12th Five-Year" key project, and has been implemented as an industry plan. To become the main direction of the development of China's printing industry "12th Five-Year".
“Twelfth Five-year Plan”, digital printing will focus on the development of inkjet digital printing and industrialization, the main content:
1. Inkjet control hub technology; digital front-end software engineering; ink supply system technology; inkjet head hub technology digestion and absorption; equipment manufacturing hub technology; system integration and pilot base construction.
2. Digitalization of printing: demonstration of application of content resource database; industrialization of CTP hub technology and industrialization of plate development; development and application demonstration of digital printing production and management process; development of digital control hub technology for high-performance printing equipment; digital font technology for Chinese character fonts Development; digital nano-plate making hub production technology development and industrialization.
In recent years, enterprises that use digital inkjet technology to print and copy cultural art have developed rapidly. The cultural and artistic resources of China and the 5,000 years have become an inexhaustible and exclusive resource. At present, from the perspective of product structure, it mainly includes: high-simulation copying and calligraphy; copying of prints; reproduction of photography; decoration of ornaments; gift making; high-end art books, etc., which has formed a certain scale of cultural and creative industrial groups in the printing industry. The development of cultural and creative industries in the printing industry has played a catalytic role. At the same time, the market demand for art reproductions has a commensurate scale, but the key to its development lies in the “creative”, which is to open up the market through what kind of technological creativity and artistic reproduction forms. Following the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Expo in China, various conferences have increased in number, especially in the tourism and gift markets. This market space has been further expanded. The shocking performance of the Chinese elements at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the Qingming River on the Shanghai World Expo The animation development and display of the map has opened up new ideas for us, how to more fully meet the needs of the masses, how to understand, explore and cultivate this field, and use the latest technology to make full use of our art resources. The development of this lurking huge market to form a more complete industrial chain is a topic that we need to explore in depth.